Loan Consolidation

If you have multiple loans, that usually means you have multiple monthly loan payments, and too many payments can be difficult to manage.  Talk to a Bowater Credit Union Loan Officer; we may be able to reduce the amount you are paying each month, save you money on interest paid, or both!
Some (but not all) options for Loan Consolidation:

Auto Loans

Borrow against a paid-for car and you can get an exceptionally low loan rate.

Home Equity Loans

For larger balances you can borrow against the equity in your home and get a lower rate than most personal loans


Combine all your credit card balances onto one BECU Classic VISA.  You’ll have a low, fixed rate, and no annual fee.  There are no balance transfer fees on the BECU Classic VISA so you won’t pay extra to move your balance.  Best of all, you’ll have just one monthly payment to worry about!

Personal Loan

Your signature alone gives you access to cash with our unsecured loans. Choose from our revolving line of credit, a 90-day note or personal loan.