At Bowater Credit Union, we strive to keep service fees as low as possible for our members.  However, as costs increase, certain changes are necessary. See the table below for fees that are changing September 6, 2016.

Fees Updated September 6, 2016

Stop Payment

$29.00 per item

Courtesy Pay

$29.00 per item

Non-Sufficient Funds

$29.00 per item

Wire Transfer: Outgoing (Domestic)

$20.00 per transfer

Wire Transfer: Outgoing (International)

$75.00 per transfer

VISA Debit Card Replacement


VISA Credit Card Replacement


Garnishment / Levy / Legal Fee



Please see the link below for a full list of the credit union’s fees.

Free Overdraft Protection from your Savings Account

While Courtesy Pay is a convenient way to cover overdrafts without bouncing a check, and Bowater Credit Union has the lowest NSF and Courtesy Pay fee in the area, it can still prove to be an expensive option.  Instead of relying on Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection, please note that you have a FREE option for overdraft protection: Your Savings Account.

When you put your money into savings at Bowater Credit Union, not only are you earning interest on every penny, you’re also providing overdraft protection for your checking account, free.  When you have a check, withdrawal, or debit card purchase for more than what’s in your checking account, your credit union automatically transfers available funds from your savings account for free.

At most financial institutions you’ll be charged a fee to link your savings and checking, but not at Bowater Credit Union.

At most financial institutions you are charged a fee if you want to cover overdrafts from your checking account from your savings account, but not at Bowater Credit Union.

Save more in your savings account, watch your money grow, and protect yourself from fees!

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