All members enrolled in eStatements as of April 30, 2022 will be entered to win $100. 

How do I enroll in eStatements?

Log in to myBRANCH (through your web browser, not the app) and click the “eStatements” link on the Account page.

Besides a chance to win money, WHY should I enroll in eStatements?

eStatements are faster and more secure than a mailed statement, eStatements are free, and starting March 1, 2022, members who are enrolled in myBRANCH will be charged $2 for each mailed statement they receive. If you enroll in eStatements, you will not receive mailed statements and will not be charged the fee.

Isn’t it risky to have my statements sent electronically? 

eStatements are NOT emailed to you – that is a common misconception. eStatements are stored securely inside of myBRANCH for up to 18 months. That means you can securely locate your recent statements from any internet connected web browser, just by logging in to myBRANCH.