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The 2020 Annual Meeting of Member-Owners will be held on Monday, September 28 at 6pm at the City Park in Charleston, Tennessee.  (Right across Worth Street from Charleston City Hall, 126 Worth St NE, Charleston TN 37310.)

In most years the Annual Meeting includes food and fellowship before the business meeting, but in order to maintain safety for our members and staff, this meeting will be business only, starting at 6pm.

You will hear from our Volunteer Board of Directors about the year past and plans for the new year, and we will conclude the meeting with cash door prizes up to $500!

Masks are encouraged, and attendees must follow social distancing guidelines.  Please bring your own lawn chair for safety and comfort.

It’s an honor to serve our members as their member-owned, cooperative credit union. The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for all member-owners to learn about their credit union, meet the volunteer board of directors, and help us make plans to continue our mission to educate members to make better financial decisions. We hope to C U there!