Black Friday is just around the corner and we all know how hectic and overwhelming it can be, so we hope this short list of tips can help at least a little!

Make your wish list.

Your goal should be to buy just the items on your list at the lowest possible price. Everyone loves a good deal but if it is not on the list is it really worth spending your hard earned money on?

Scope out the best deal early.

Start searching and comparing deals early.  You have your list so go ahead and look through all the Black Friday Ads and check your favorite store’s websites. This should help you get the most out of your Black Friday!

Make your plan of attack.

You now know what you’re buying and where the best deals are so it is time to plan some things out. Prioritize your items and your deals. Decide if you need to enlist any help from friends or family.

Do a little multi-tasking.

Make the most of your time and multitask a little. You know there will be some crazy long lines so why not whip out the smart phone and get the online deals while you are waiting.


Have fun shopping your hearts out! ❤