“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  These famous words from Dr. Seuss’s Lorax hold a special place at the new Boys & Girls Club in Meigs County, they are printed right on the wall.  And two people who care a whole awful lot include Bowater Credit Union members Joey and Malinda Langford.  Joey submitted and won a $1,000 Pay It Forward donation for the “Teen Room”. 

 Bowater Credit Union has asked its members to nominate their favorite non-profit helping people in the counties eligible for credit union membership: Bradley, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, and Polk.  Boys and Girls Club of the Ocoee Region, Meigs County Unit is the second winner of 2019.

 “It is the goal of the facility not only to provide a safe, inviting place for the young people of Meigs County but also to help them stay on track with their education, plan for their futures, and develop the attributes of good citizenship and good character,” writes Langford.

 Jordan Campbell, Club Program Staff, noted that they are serving approximately 50 kids during the summer, and they expect to be serving 70 – 90 during the school year.  Campbell spoke passionately about the program, the need for stability in these kids’ lives, and the individual children that benefit.  “I miss them when I don’t get to see them.  We have a break coming up for the holiday, and I know that I’ll be excited to see them the following week to hear about what they’ve been doing,” said Campbell.

 Malinda Langford, a teacher at Meigs County High School, sees the impact this program has on the youth of Meigs County and was instrumental in the High School’s adoption of the “Teen Room”.  Other rooms have been adopted and decorated by local business partners, and the Performing Arts room is still available for any person or organization looking to support this important program.  To find out more or to make your own contribution, visit www.bgcocoee.org/meigs.

 The Pay It Forward program will continue through 2019, and that means any member of Bowater Credit Union can nominate their favorite non-profit for a $1,000 Pay It Forward prize.  Three more prizes will be given out in 2019, and the deadline to be considered for the next prize is August 31.

 Bowater Credit Union began the Pay It Forward program in 2010 as a way to give back to the community it serves.  Since the program’s inception, Bowater CU has given $42,000 to various charities making a difference in our community.  For more information, visit the News and Info Page.