Sudden snow can make traveling to a branch unsafe. So how do you make a deposit or get cash?

Current concerns over the Coronavirus remind us to stay home when we’re sick.  How can you pay your bills or make a deposit?

Severe weather can damage your home, which means staying somewhere else for days or weeks while your home is repaired.  How will you get your account statements, and receive and pay your bills?

There are many new services that people use for the convenience, but they are also more than helpful in the face of disaster – they’re necessary to make sure your financial life isn’t disrupted.

Mobile Deposit.  Whether you can’t leave your house, or you can’t get to a branch, you can deposit a check using your mobile device.

eStatements. If your mailbox is inaccessbile – either by you or the mail carriers – then a mailed statement becomes inaccessbile too.  If you are enrolled in eStatements, you can securely access your last twelve months of statements from any Internet connection through myBRANCH.

Online Bill Pay.  If you can’t leave your house and you’re out of stamps or envelopes, or if you can’t get to your mailbox, you can use Online Bill Pay to send a check to anyone just by logging in to myBRANCH and using Bill Pay.  You should also know how to find out your bill due dates, amounts, and mailing addresses for your various providers (cable, utility, rent, mortgage).  Often a call or the company’s website can give answers. 

 myBRANCH.  Sometimes disaster and bad weather means it’s unsafe for our employees to get to work, and in those cases you can always check your balances and make transfers day or night using myBRANCH online account access. To stay on top of branch closings or service issues, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Snow can make travelling to a branch unsafe.

Concerns over viruses means stay home when you’re sick.

Severe weather damage might displace you from your home for weeks.