What is Mobile Wallet?

It’s a virtual wallet – an App on your phone that stores your Debit Card and Credit Card information right on your phone. When you pay at the register, instead of getting your debit card out of your wallet, inserting or swimping, and touching the keypad, you just wave your phone (or smartwatch) near the keypad.  Your phone will send payment information, and the payment is made touch-free.  Mobile Wallet is available on iPhones, Android, and Google mobile phones.

How does Mobile Wallet prevent the spread of germs?

When you pay at the register with your card, whether you choose to sign or enter your PIN, you have to touch the same keypad and pen as everyone before you.  This presents the opportunity to pick up germs, and to leave them behind.  When you pay with Mobile Wallet, you only touch your own phone.

It’s digitally safer too

When you pay with your mobile wallet, the merchant doesn’t receive your card information.  Most data breaches happen at the merchant, but if the merchant doesn’t have your card number in their system, then your card number won’t be breached if the merchant is breached.

Reduce your exposure to germs and data breaches using touch-free mobile wallet in your smartphone. 

Bowater Credit Union Checking Accounts include a free Mobile-Wallet Ready Debit Card.