handing over money to someone you think you can trust

Update 2/8/2021: More members have been receiving letters and “checks”. This scam is ongoing; read below to ensure you don’t fall victim!

Multiple members have brought in checks they received in the mail claiming to be payment for an “Auto Wrap Campaign”.

The members each brought the letter with them and our staff was able to evaluate and confirm that it was indeed a scam.

The scam works as follows:

  • The scammers send a check, claiming to be money for your pay and money to pay the person who will wrap your car (or apply the company logo decal).
  • Once you deposit the check and the money is made available in your account, they’ll tell you to send a Money Order, cash deposit to another person’s account, wire, or other non-retrievable money transfer to the person who is supposed to wrap your car.
  • After they have the money, no car wrap will materialize, and you will find out that the original check you deposited was fake, and the money from that deposit is taken out of your account.

If you receive a check in the mail, and the sender asks you to send part of it somewhere else, it is a scam. Just because the check has cleared your account doesn’t mean it’s good. To protect yourself, be wary and contact your credit union before you act.