Refinancing is simply paying off your current loan with a new loan. This does not change the amount you owe but it can bring you some nice benefits like lowering your interest rate, lowering your monthly payment, OR often times both. 

With interest rates falling this may be the perfect time lower your interest rate and your payments!

Refinance your loan to Bowater Credit Union and you could get a rate as low as 1.99% APR. That’s payments of just $28.64 per thousand borrowed for 36 months. For a lower monthly payment, we offer terms up to 60 months on most vehicles, and up to 84 months on vehicles valued over $30,000. And there’s lots of options in between.


Until the end of June you can worry even less with NO PAYMENT FOR 90 DAYS! That means no payment until September. 

There’s no application fee, and with options that include no down payment, you can investigate your options and see if you can save money every month with no expense. 

We’re owned by our members, and that means it’s our job to offer you better rates! 

Everyone who lives and works in our area can apply.