after learning the stages of buying a house, a young couple embraces as they move into their new home

If your teen is graduating high school this spring, you probably have a lot on your mind.  So here’s one thing you might not have considered:

Have you taught your grad to manage credit?

Whether they are moving out, heading to college, or living at home, your teen is on their way to adulthood.  And being an adult is a whole lot easier with good credit.  Their graduation is a great time to help them learn the basics of managing credit such as:

  • Pay on time, every time, every month
  • Don’t spend more than you can pay off

Co-sign for a low-limit VISA Credit Card

If your teen is 18 or older, they may be able to qualify for a card on their own if they have income.  But being a joint borrower on a credit card account with your teen means you have equal access to seeing transactions and payments.  You’ll be able to teach your teen to manage their spending, and help them remember to make their payments.

But being a joint owner means being jointly responsible for the balance of the credit card, so make sure you know your teen, and make sure you are ready to monitor the balance, especially in the early months of having a brand new credit card.

Getting a credit card in the spring means they’re ready for emergencies in the fall

If your teen is flying the nest for a distant destination this fall for college or career opportunities, getting a credit card now means they’ll have access in the event of an emergency.  If your child has car trouble or needs to visit the doctor or dentist, they’ll have a credit card handy.

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