Ultra 25 Term Share Account

Get guaranteed returns plus the option to upgrade your rate. You could discover a nice surprise next time you check your account.
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Ultra 25 Term Share Account Benefits

Maximize your savings potential with our share account designed for strong returns. The Ultra 25 Share Account offers many unique benefits, including:

High Return Rates

Enjoy locked-in competitive rates. No need to worry about potential market volatility.

Change Your Rate

Take advantage of one rate upgrade opportunity during the 25-month term.

Low Minimum Deposit

Start your account with just $1,000 to begin earning dividends.

IRA Withdrawal Perks

Make two partial IRA withdrawals without penalty.

Everything You Need to Know About the Ultra Term 25 Account

The Ultra 25 Term Share Account helps your savings grow quicker over 25 months. It’s an ideal choice for both short-term growth and long-term retirement planning.

This account comes in two types: a regular CD (Certificate of Deposit) or an IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

Choose the regular CD to deposit a minimum of $1,000. If the Ultra 25 Account rate improves, you can upgrade to that higher rate once.

The Ultra-25 IRA works differently. We designed it for retirement savings. Like the CD, you start with at least $1,000 and can switch rates once. 

The IRA also allows for up to two partial withdrawals without penalties. You can withdraw up to 10% in the first year and another 10% in the second year.  

The CD and IRA options nurture your investment over a 25-month term. The flexibility of rate adjustment and withdrawal options makes this account suitable for diverse financial goals and life stages.

Start saving today for a more secure future tomorrow with our Ultra 25 Term Share Account.

Features and details include:

  • 25-Month Term: A fixed term to grow your savings with certainty.
  • Two Account Types: Choose between a regular CD for immediate savings goals or an IRA for long-term retirement planning.
  • Rate Upgrade Option: Switch to the new rate once for enhanced returns if the Ultra 25 Account rate increases during the term.
  • $1,000 Minimum Opening Deposit: An accessible entry point to start accruing serious dividends.
  • IRA Benefits: Make two partial withdrawals in the IRA option without early withdrawal penalties, up to 10% in each of the first two years.
  • Branch Support: Visit a branch for personalized assistance and to open your account.
  • Earn Interest: Enjoy competitive dividend payouts (see rates).
  • Federally Insured: Up to $250,000 in NCUA insurance

Partial withdrawal maximums are 10% of the original deposit amount during the first 12 months of the term and 10% during the second 12 months of the term. 

Excess withdrawals before maturity will result in a lower APY and interest penalty of 90 days. IRS penalties apply to all withdrawals. 

Our Ultra 25 Term Share Account is a robust savings solution designed to enhance your financial future.

Please call or stop by a branch for any IRA-related questions.

A woman reading about the benefits of an Ultra 25 Term Share Account at Bowater Credit Union on her laptop.

How to Apply for an Ultra 25 Term Share Account


Visit a Branch

Stop by one of our branches to begin the account opening process.


Fund Your Account

Deposit a $1,000 minimum to begin your CD or IRA savings journey.


Watch Your Money Grow!

You can monitor and manage your account via the secure online portal or mobile app.


“I never understood the difference in what a CU was when I was younger but finally I left banks and made the switch years ago. The difference has been night and day. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. They’ve been awesome every time I’ve needed help and they do nice members’ events from time to time. Absolutely check them out.”

– Andrew, Cleveland, TN

FAQs About the Ultra 25 Term Share Account

What is a term share certificate?
A term share certificate is similar to a certificate of deposit (CD). It’s a type of savings account where you keep your money for a set period. In return, you earn interest at a higher rate than regular savings accounts.
Are there penalties for early withdrawal from the Ultra 25 Term Share Account?

Yes, if you withdraw funds before the maturity date, you may pay a penalty. However, if you have an Ultra-25 IRA, you are allowed two partial withdrawals without incurring any early withdrawal penalties.

How do share certificates work compared to money market accounts?

Share certificates, like our Ultra 25 Term Share Account, lock in your money for a term length, offering higher interest rates. Money market accounts provide more withdrawal flexibility but typically have lower interest rates. You can withdraw or roll your money over into a new share certificate when the share certificate matures.

What are the benefits of a certificate of deposit (CD) over other savings options?

A CD typically offers a higher dividend rate than regular savings accounts. With our Ultra 25 Term Share Account, your money in the account starts earning interest at a stable rate for the agreed term.

Is my Ultra 25 Term Share Account investment federally insured?

Yes, the funds in your Ultra 25 Term Share Account are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). They offer the same level of security that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) provides for banks.

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