Visa TravelMoney

This pre-paid debit card was created to replace traveler’s cheques.  You can purchase & load these cards from any Bowater Credit Union office.  Once you have the card, you can reload it at any time at any branch, or online at (funds available in 3-5 days).  To reload with cash, you must visit a branch.  To reload by transferring from a Credit Union account, just give us a call.  Since it is the plastic replacement for Traveler’s Cheques, you know that it is secure and replaceable if lost or stolen.  This card is perfect for anyone traveling.  It’s also a handy item to give to kids that are away at college.  Since it’s a pre-paid debit card, you don’t have to worry about bounced check fees, interest rates, or over the limit fees.

Fees & Disclosures for TravelMoney Cards can be found on our Fees & Disclosures page.