Visa Travel Money Card

Get ready for your next adventure with our Visa Travel Money Card!

Say goodbye to cumbersome traveler’s cheques and hello to the easy way to load and spend money abroad.

Visit any Bowater Credit Union office today to get your hands on this convenient prepaid debit card!

Reload Your Card Balance

Benefits of Bowater’s Prepaid Visa Travel Money Card

Discover a range of exclusive perks that enhance your travel experience like never before. Enjoy the following benefits when you adventure with Visa:

Global Acceptance

Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide wherever you see the Visa logo.

Simple to Use

Simplify your spending with a card that takes the trouble out of traveling—no checks, no problem.

Peace of Mind

Travel with confidence knowing the card does not link to your personal bank account.

Travel Benefits

Enjoy FREE Travel and Emergency Assistance Services as well as lost luggage insurance.

Everything to Know About Our Visa Travel Money Card

Enhance your trips with the VISA Travel Money Card, a reliable alternative to inconvenient traveler’s cheques. 

Visit any Bowater Credit Union branch to purchase or reload your card at your convenience. You can also add money online at cumoney.com (funds available in 3-5 days).

Features and details:

  • Enjoy the security of traveler’s cheques with the convenience of a card. You can replace it if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Perfect for travelers and a practical option for college students.
  • Comes with secure EMV chip technology for added protection.
  • Use at PIN Point of Sale with STAR and ATM access through PLUS.
  • Part of the CO-OP Surcharge Free Network, with accessible ATM locations.
  • Choose from multiple card designs.
  • Benefit from favorable foreign exchange rates.
  • Visa’s Zero Liability: Protection in case of loss or theft.

Card fees:

  • $9.95 per card.
  • $2.00 reload fee (deducted from card balance).
  • $5.00 replacement fee. Waived if the card is within a month of expiration. The fee gets deducted from the card balance.

You’ll also get access to the free CUMONEY Visa Travel Money Prepaid Mobile App. You’ll be able to manage and reload your card from the app. 

Features include:

  • Easy Download: Available for free in the Apple Store & Google Play. Search for: CUMONEY Mobile.
  • Comprehensive Reload Features: Includes credit/debit card-to-card transfers and remote check deposits.
  • Convenient Loading Options: Find Visa ReadyLink locations nearby for cash loading.
  • Automated Reloads: Set up recurring and scheduled reloads via the website or mobile app.
  • Balance Management: Low balance alerts and options to schedule future or recurring loads.
  • Transaction Tracking: Detailed balance and merchant information including pending and completed transactions.

Enhanced Control: You can suspend and reactivate cards through the website and mobile app.

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How to Get Your Visa Travel Money Card


Visit Branch

Drop by one of our locations and speak with a teller.


Deposit Funds

Load as much or as little as you want onto the card.


Start Spending!

We’ll activate your new prepaid card for immediate use.


“Excellent service! I wanted to add a thank you for the wonderful membership appreciation day that y’all had for the members. I have never been to anything like that before from any bank—it was very welcoming and it made me feel special thanks to all of you.”

– Kathy T., Cleveland, TN

FAQs About Visa Travel Money Card

Q: Can I use the Visa Travel Money Card at gas stations?

A: Gas stations and other locations worldwide that display the Visa logo accept the Travel Money Card.

Q: Is the Visa Travel Money Card linked to my bank account?

A: No, it operates independently of your bank account for added security and convenience. This makes it the perfect travel companion. The convenient mobile app lets you load it and manage your travel expenses.

Q: How does currency exchange work with the Visa Travel Money Card?

A: You can deposit funds in one of many foreign currencies to minimize the exchange rate risk. This feature helps manage your spending effectively across different countries.

Q: How do I ensure the security of my Visa Travel Money Card?
A: The card secures your funds with a PIN personal identification number and enhances security with an EMV chip.
Q: Where can I use the card?
A: Use the card at merchants where Visa credit or debit cards are accepted. This card presents boundless opportunities for purchasing items online and in stores.

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