Gold Checking Travel Club

Members age 50 or better who have a checking account at Bowater Credit Union are eligible for our Travel Club!

Bowater Credit Union is member-owned and 100% local, which means you’ll be traveling with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

Upcoming trips:

Questions about a trip? Contact our travel agent, Helen Semak with SEC Travel Planners:
Phone: (423) 559-9295 Email: [email protected].

If you’re ready to mail in a deposit for your trip, mail it to:

SEC Travel Planners
861 Live Oak Trail NE
Cleveland, TN 37323

Ideas for an upcoming trip?

Contact Kelsey O’Daniel, Marketing Director:
(423) 303-5615

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19 Pandemic

Q: What happens if the trip is rescheduled and I can’t make the new date?

A: As long as you’ve purchased the insurance, you’ll be refunded the full cost. If you do not have insurance and the trip is rescheduled because of the pandemic, the tour companies are making certain they don’t incur penalties from their suppliers. If they incur none then they would refund the full amount of your tour cost. If they do incur a penalty, the tour company will deduct that and you would get back your trip cost minus the penalty.

Q: What happens to my payments if the trip goes on but my doctor says I can’t go?

A: If you have insurance you would be asked to provide to the insurance company the Doctor’s note and then you would receive your full tour cost back less the insurance cost.

Q: What happens to my payments if the trip goes on and I just don’t feel safe going?

A: With insurance, it has to be for a covered reason. A traveler, whether they have insurance or not, would have to decide before the final payment date if they wanted to cancel for a non-covered reason in order to be refunded.

Q: What are common “covered reasons” for the Insurance?

A: Most covered reasons include illness or death or an immediate family member or your room partner on the trip. If you are hospitalized or have a doctor’s excuse, if you get subpoenaed for jury duty, if your home becomes uninhabitable due to mother nature, if you lose your job that you have worked at for over 3 years, or if you get into a traffic accident on the way to depart with the trip.  There are more details depending on the Tour Company, which Helen will be happy to provide to you.

Even in normal times, it is a great idea to buying peace of mind by getting the insurance.  The cost of insurance is included in the trip details page.