Online Bill Pay

myBRANCH sends a payment for you, by check or electronic

Free with any Checking Account, available through myBRANCH

Rescue your time and your money with the safety, security, and speed of Online Bill Pay.

Through myBRANCH (online account access), you can quickly and easily set up merchants for payment, set up automatic payments, view a history of payments made, and much more.  You’ll save Money on stamps and checks, as well as your Time by quickly clicking to pay your bills instead of writing checks by hand.

To sign up for Online Bill Pay, log in to myBRANCH and select “Bill Pay enrollment” under “Personal Options.”

If you aren’t already signed up for myBRANCH, enroll online today.

If you have questions about Online Bill Pay or would like to set up a training session, call the myBRANCH team at 423.303.5626 or email